How about the tarot cards

So dear friends we have already started our fascinating journey towards the world of Tarot. Our intuitions have brought us on this path. The divine power has chosen us as a part of this world of Tarot.

When we talk about the Tarot, the first thing appears before us is TAROT CARDS. Pack of Tarot cards is called as ‘Tarot Deck’.

Tarot Deck is a pack of 78 cards, among which 22 are Major (Major Arcana) and 56 are Minor (Minor Arcana). (This will be explained in the coming articles)

There’s a vast range and variety of Tarot Decks available for Readers. Each Deck has its own special significance. Some of them have very bright colours, while some have pleasing pictures. On the contrary some are also with minimum colours and light shades.

Decks vary in the size of cards, pictures, colours and price too. So for the beginners it’s quite confusing that which Deck should be selected in the beginning.  I suggest going for the basic Deck with simple pictures and which is easy to handle. I myself prefer Rider-Waite Deck for the beginners.

Once we are quite familiar with the cards we can go ahead for other decks.

Again the same question arises….which deck will help us on our way??If we go out for suggestions, we come across many different solutions. In one of the book I came across, it explained that deck should not be purchased but should be gifted to us by someone. Now, this means we will have to wait till someone gift us the Tarot Deck and later will have to compromise with whichever Deck comes in our hand.

Better to keep all this suggestions aside.

Here our best guide is our own “INTUITUION”. Go to the shop and ask the keeper to show some loose sample cards if available. Spend few minutes with those cards. Go around and look at the pack of Decks. Keep your mind cool and you will find that your intuitions guiding you to select the Deck. The Deck which suits you will attract your attention. Just go ahead, pick it up and start your journey.

Never forget to express your gratitude to the divine power on each and every step of your journey.


Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Vrushali N.

Tarot Reader



I come across one question most often that who can become a Tarot reader……

Well… the answer to this question is answered in a simple way in many blogs.

They say, it’s very easy to become a Tarot reader. We find the series of steps explaining how to be an expert Tarot reader.

But the question here is not just how to become a Tarot reader but it’s who can become a Tarot reader.

In simple words Tarot is explained as a pack of 78 cards with different pictures holding different meanings.

My personal experience is…. Tarot is not just a set of 78 cards. It’s far more than what we define here.

It’s the divine energy packed in 78 cards.

It’s not the wish of the person makes him a Tarot reader. It’s the divine energy of the cards, selects its media and this arises a wish in that media (reader) to become a Tarot reader.

Tarot finds its own way in this universe.

It’s my personal experience. I was unaware of the word Tarot.

One day it happened so that one of friend while having general discussion spoke a word Tarot. It was on that day the word Tarot hit my subconscious mind.

On the very same day I went through few websites of Tarot.

Instead of the explanation of cards, the pictures attracted me more towards it.

And from that day my journey started and Tarot became the inevitable part of my life.

I would also like to say that once Tarot selects you as a reader, they won’t leave you.

I started my journey with Tarot, but due to some other priorities it was not possible for me to spend sufficient time with my cards. Later I was away from my cards for not less than a year.

But as I said Tarot selects us, and so today I find myself again happy with my cards.

So I say the cards them self choose their readers. We have to be just greatful for the divine power.


Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Vrushali N.

Tarot Reader



TAROT – A fascinating journey



Human lives always raise questions on different turns of life.

There are so many methods which helps us to seek answers. Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing, Vastushastra, Dharmashastra  are some of the fields which provides the answers to these questions.

For me, the most interesting and fascinating tool is TAROT.

Tarot is the set of 78 cards. Each cards holds different picture. Each card carries special message, which serves as a guide in our journey.


TAROT serves us in different ways


  • It works as tool to seek answers to our questions
  • It works as a guide on the way of spirituality




History of Tarot is still a mystery. There are no specific evidences to prove when and where the Tarot originated.

Some of the beliefs say that Tarot originated in China and soon attracted the whole world. While some of them say it originated in Egypt. Egyptians used the signs and symbols to preserve their secrets and pass the same safely to the future generations. These cards then were popularly known as Tarot cards.




Tarot reading is special event.

This generally means seek answers to the questions.

Cards are the golden keys which unlocks the doors of our lives.

Tarot reading mainly consists of two aspects – Querent and the Reader

Querent is the one who wish to seek the answers to his questions

Reader is the one who answers the questions with the help of Tarot cards, who is called as Tarot reader.




There’s an interesting debate among the Tarot readers. Some of the readers believe that the question to be answered must be framed in a perfect manner. Each and every word of the question shows its impact on the answer.

Some of the readers say, no matter how the question is framed, Tarot always reveals the right answers.

Apart from these two beliefs there is one more interesting belief which says that no need to frame the question, just shuffle the cards and start reading. The cards always convey the messages essential for your journey of life.





Tarot cards are the set of cards with different pictures and symbols. Each carries its own message. Each card is different from the other. But, if we study the entire set of 78 cards, it covers all the aspects of our life.

Here, the Intuition power of the reader plays a very important role.

Tarot acts as a bridge between our sub-conscious and conscious mind. This helps to reveal the power of our sub-conscious mind which is hidden because of our conscious mind. The images and symbols on the cards speak to us. They convey the correct messages as and when required by the Querent.




Tarot works as an excellent tool for divination. Tarot cards are used in meditation practice and thus help in the spiritual development. It directs the path of our life.


Tarot – does not control our fate but guides our journey.

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Vrushali N Jyotishjagat

Vrushali N.

Tarot Reader